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Stunning Sputnik Lamp Attr. Stilnovo Italy 50s image 5

View this item and discover similar chandeliers and pendants for sale at - An amazing 10 spoke Sputnik Chandelier attributed to Stilnovo, Italy. Brass metall center and spokes. Inbetween there are black steel spokes with white

Sputnik Ceiling Light | Antiqued Brass, Bronze and Polished Brass

Discover the Sputnik Chandelier by Porta Romana from UBER Interiors. Shop luxury chandeliers lighting and lighting with FREE UK mainland delivery.

Laika, The First dog in space.

In the Soviets sent the dog Laika (Russian for "barker") into space, where she became the first animal to orbit the Earth. Celebrate her and her legacy with this heroic t-shirt.

Cosmonaut Dogs & Astronaut Monkeys would make an interesting addition to our heroes lists.

“ fyeahcosmonauts: “ Belka, Strelka , Chernushka and Zvyozdochka conquer outer space! ” And died in space! The Soviets killed a whole lot of dogs in space, but.

russian space suit - Google Search

Your canine companion can strut its stuff in this authentic Soviet spacesuit, worn by genuine doggy heroes of the space race Belka and Strelka

DIY Paper Mache Moon | DIY Crafts | Crafting | #diy #diycrafts #crafts #unsoshl | www.unsoshl.com

DIY Paper Mache Moon | DIY Crafts | Crafting | #diy #diycrafts #crafts #unsoshl | www.unsoshl.com