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there are many different pictures of the same street
Map of rude or peculiar North East place-names
Out and about in North East #England (via #NewYork and #Canada). The pictured hall is at Washington, the only 'original' of the four shown here. We also have a Philadelphia, a couple of Nova Scotias, two Canadas, a couple of Californias, a Moscow, two Havannahs, Gibraltar, Greenland etc.
a sign on the side of a wooden fence in front of a grassy field with trees
Cockfield and Cockfield Fell, a fascinating historic landscape in County #Durham. Some of those bumps and hollows go back to medieval times.
four different shots of a statue in front of an old building and the same one with a soccer player on it
West Auckland: the Old Manor House of the 1670s (thought to have 12th century foundations) and the Old Hall, also of the 1600s. Plus a memorial to the first winners of the football world cup. #westauckland #countydurham #northeast #football #worldcup
a brick wall with some writing on it and a large wheel in the back ground
Memorial to the West Stanley Colliery explosion of 1909 at Stanley, County Durham #mining #durham #coal #stanley
the entrance to beamish park is red and there are trees in the background
Always good to be welcomed by 'Tiny Tim' at the entrance to Beamish Museum (he's a steam hammer) : “Tiny Tim Drop Forge steam hammer built 1883 for the Darlington Forge Company, later moved to John Baker and Co. Rotherham. Donated by English Steel Corporation 1966 total weight 90 tons overall. height 35 feet” #beamish '#durham
people are standing on the side walk next to some buildings and train tracks in black and white
Beamish, County Durham, UK