North East History

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a map with all the major cities and towns in england on it's side
Battle locations in Britain and Ireland. Poster Print map (A2 only)
Battles of Britain and Ireland map (up to end of the 18th century)
people are standing on the shore near a lighthouse
Murder and gibbeting. Curry’s Point near St Mary’s Island Whitley Bay
there are pictures of different places in england
North East History
two different types of lines that show the same time and place for each type of thing
History of the North East Timeline
an old scroll with the word timeline written on it
History of the North East Timeline
Timeline Header
a painting of a bridge that has fire coming out of it and people standing on the bridge
The 'Great Fire of Newcastle and Gateshead' on this day in 1854
A painting of the Great Fire of Newcastle and Gateshead 1854