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a stone wall and some buildings in the background
North East Quiz number 2 (of 10). Test your North East knowledge 👉 #North https://englandsnortheast.co.uk/2019/04/21/north-east-quiz-number02-test-your-north-east-knowledge/ #NorthEast #Northumberland #Durham
there is a bag, mugs and other items on display
North East #maps, #gifts and clothes by Tangled Worm 👉https://englandsnortheast.co.uk/2019/04/28/north-east-maps-gifts-and-clothes-by-tangled-worm/ #newcastle #durham #northumberland #Sunderland
a large bridge over a river next to a park
The Sundered Land, The Goat's Head. The meaning of North East place-names https://englandsnortheast.co.uk/2019/01/03/north-east-place-names/ #northeast #northumberland #durham
a metal circle hanging on a brick wall
Any words or phrases to add to our Geordie and North East dictionary? 👉https://englandsnortheast.co.uk/geordie-dictionary-a-b/ #Geordie #Dialect #northumberland #diurham
a large white arch sitting next to a river under a cloudy sky with buildings in the background
A little bit about Gateshead history 👉 https://englandsnortheast.co.uk/gateshead/ #Gateshead #Newcastle #Tyneside #history
people are on the beach and in the water near an old castle with a steep cliff
Our Tynemouth history page 👉 https://englandsnortheast.co.uk/tynemouth/ #tynemouth
an angel statue with the words you are capable of amazing things
Angel of the North and its surroundings
Angel of the North 👉
the roman north map with roads and major cities in red on a wooden frame,
Tangled Worm : North East maps, mugs, gifts
Shop - Tangled Worm
an image of newcastle upon tyne in blue and brown with images of the historic buildings
Newcastle upon Tyne Hometown Heritage A3 Poster Print.
Angel of the North
there is a poster on the table with words
Collection of ‘Geordie’ Words and Phrases. Poster Print.
Collection of 'Geordie' Words and Phrases. Poster Print. - Tangled Worm
two maps and a coffee cup on a wooden table
Map of rude or peculiar North East place-names
A Map of Rude and Peculiar Place-Names in North East England. - Tangled Worm
two posters are sitting on a wooden table
A Map of the Worm Legends of North East England. Poster Print (A3)