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This is a collection of recipes I've found from some fantastic food bloggers around the world. These are definitely recipes to try!
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Vegetable Side Dishes

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Warak Enab is a Lebanese stuffed grape leaves recipe that has fillings of rice, ground beef, spices & herbs.

Middle Eastern Food

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This creamy, dreamy No-Bake Peanut Butter Pie recipe is absolutely irresistible! A buttery Oreo Pie Crust is topped with a tangy-sweet peanut butter cream cheese pie filling which then gets drizzled in chocolate and peanut butter cups. This is a chocolate-peanut butter lover's dream dessert! #pie #peanutbutter #Oreos #best #homemade #creamcheese #cheesecake #creamy #fluffy #reeses #peanutbuttercups

Chocolate & Peanut Butter Heaven

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Recipe and tips on how to cook quinoa perfectly so that it's more like a fluffy pilaf than mushy oatmeal. Included are 5 fabulous ways to use your next batch of perfect quinoa. #Quinoa #QuinoaRecipe

Quinoa Recipes

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Savory rhubarb recipes and rhubarb desserts including rhubarb crumble, rhubarb crisp, rhubarb cake and pie. And don’t forget rhubarb muffins or rhubarb jam. Great recipes around the world like German rhubarb soda and Norwegian rhubarb soup. Summer recipes. Summer desserts.Summer dinner ideas. Summer dessert recipes. Easy dessert recipes. #rhubarb #rhubarbrecipes #rhubarbdesserts

Rhubarb Recipes

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Berry Rice Krispies Treats and Smithsonian National Museum of American History- Tara's Multicultural Table
Spinach, Goat Cheese and Sweet Potato Muffins for Toddlers (Hidden Veggies). These spinach goat cheese and sweet potato muffins are moist and crumbly. The little pockets of warm goat cheese will delight any cheese lover! Healthy Muffins for Toddlers | Hidden Veggie Recipes for Toddlers | Healthy Muffins for Toddlers Hidden Veggies | Hidden Veggie Muffins | Hidden Veggie Muffins for Toddlers | Muffins for Picky Toddlers | Healthy Snack for Toddlers | Spinach Muffins for Toddlers |

Toddler Food

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These Taylor Roll Deviled Eggs will have your friends and family popping these delicious bites of awesomeness until every last one is gone #taylorporkroll #Deviledeggs #lowcarbrecipe Taylorporkrolldeviledeggs

Egg Recipes

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Red Cabbage Sauerkraut

Fermented Foods

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Easy recipes using maple syrup, both maple desserts like maple cookies but also savory recipes like maple bacon, maple pork tenderloin, spicy maple ribs, maple brown sugar, maple baked beans, maple butter, maple glazed ham, maple donuts, maple cocktails, chicken wings, butter tarts, maple walnut ice cream, maple cake and more! #maple #desserts #recipes #Canadianrecipes
These banana oatmeal pancakes only require a couple of simple ingredients, and are a healthy way to start the day! #recipe #pancakes #healthyrecipe

Pancake Recipes

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This lomo saltado is a classic Peruvian dish of tender beef that’s stir fried with tomatoes and onions in a savory sauce, then served with french fries and steamed rice. A unique offering that’s easy to make and always gets rave reviews!
This Osso Buco is fork-tender veal shank slow-cooked in the oven with red wine and a few other ingredients. A simple recipe that needs only 20 minutes to prep and about 2 hours to bake. Served over mashed potato and sides for a complete meal. #ossobuco #ossobuccorecipe #vealshanks #beefshanks #slowcookedbeefshanks #braisedvealshanks #braisedossobuco #slowcookedossobucco
This recipe for sautéed cremini mushrooms is perfect for a side dish, or even a main dish if you're looking for something healthy and vegetarian. It's so simple and easy to make, and it tastes amazing since it is cooked with wine, garlic and butter. I'd suggest serving it with a steak, or even with pasta!

Steak Recipes

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This Hatch Green Chile Pico de Gallo is a fun twist on the fresh tomato salsa classic recipe! Mexican flavors of roasted peppers in a fun dip or topping for Cinco de Mayo and game day. Make mild or hot.
These Air Fryer Stuffed Mushrooms are filled with a savory flaked lump crab stuffing then baked in the air fryer or oven for pop-in-your-mouth goodness.

Super Bowl/ Game Day Recipe Ideas

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Holy Moly, check out how simple it is to make this delicious Snickers Hot Chocolate Bomb recipe. The kids will think it's magic once they see the marshmallows suddenly appear before their eyes! So check out this unique hot chocolate bomb recipe

Chocolate Bomb Recipes

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This jewelled couscous recipe is a Persian-inspired dish made with spiced couscous, puy lentils, nuts, fruits, herbs and pomegranate arils.

Couscous recipes

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Buffalo turkey meatballs are a tasty appetizer with tons of flavor. They are oven-baked and coated in homemade buffalo sauce. #lowcarb #keto #ovenbaked #franksredhot
This Instant Pot Albondigas Soup is a vegetable filled, hearty soup made with precooked frozen meatballs for a quick and easy budget friendly meal for the whole family.
My Mom's Swedish Meatballs is a tried and true family recipe that's easy to make but has all of the flavors that bring you back to your childhood. #swedishmeatballs #sauce #easy #recipe #mom's

Meatball Recipes

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Soya Manchurian or Soya Chilli is a hot and spicy, sweet and sour, chewy and crispy – all in one easy to make Indo-chinese starter or appetizer. This is prepared by frying soya chunks and then tossing it in delicious, lip-smacking sauce. #soyarecipes #soyachunksrecipes #soyabeanrecipes #soyachunksrecipesindian #soyanuggets #chillirecipes #indochineserecipes #vegetarianrecipes #tofurecipes #veganrecipes #manchurian #appetizersparty
These Korean inspired Meatballs are sweet, spicy, and full of flavor. This easy Instant Pot recipe using frozen meatballs is perfect for a weeknight dinner or served as an appetizer for your office or holiday potluck. Enjoy the vibrant flavors of Gochujang, Hoisin and Soy soya in one delicious meaty bite. #gochujang #instantpotrecipes #thanksgivingappetizers #meatballappetizers #holidayrecipes #appetizer #koreanrecipes

Appetisers & Starters

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This easy and tasty Poultry Seasoning is a must have in every home! It's used to flavor chicken, turkey, stuffing, gravy and much more. #poultryseasoning #chickenseasoning
Spinach Stuffing Balls are a classic Holiday side dish that everyone loves. They are a great dish to make ahead a re-warm as the turkey is being carved. #stuffing #dressing #spinachballs #sides #Thanksgiving #Christmas
Are you looking for a delicious and easy stuffing recipe? Then you need to check out this Amazing Sausage Stuffing Recipe. After trying this recipe you'll never eat stuffing without Sausage again. Read on to check out how easy this recipe is. #stuffingrecipe #sausagestuffing #Thanksgivingrecipes

Stuffing Recipes

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Slow roasted duck legs are perfect for tender meat and a crispy skin, all served up with a red wine and redcurrant sauce. #confitduck #slowroastedduck

Duck Recipes

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Leftover Halloween pumpkin? Use up the whole pumpkin – guts, seeds and flesh – in this super easy creamy roasted pumpkin pasta recipe with crispy fried sage and roasted chilli pumpkin seeds. Leftovers reheat really well too!
Easy Pumpkin Muffins Recipe with Golden Raisins (optional) and it  uses canned pumpkin. #muffinrecipes
Topped with shredded fresh coconut, this Thai steamed pumpkin cake is a fun finger food that is easy to make, delicious, and totally portable. It's the perfect treat for afternoon tea, get-togethers, and holiday parties. #steamedpumpkincake #pumpkincake #Thaidessert #pumpkindessert #pumpkinrecipe #falldessert #fallrecipe #veganpumpkindessert #vegetarianpumpkindessert #thanksgivingdessert #ขนมไทย #ฟักทอง #ขนมฟักทอง

Pumpkin Recipes

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A Sausage Sandwich is an absolute classic! Here I’ll give you some tips and tricks to making the absolute BEST homemade sausage sandwich. #sausages #sandwich |
Don't throw money away buying uncrustables. Now you can make them for a quarter of the price with this Homemade Uncrustables Freezer Sandwich tutorial - DIY Homemade Uncrustables #lunchideas #easylunchideas

Sandwich Recipes

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This Banana Muffin with Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe is so easy and makes a delicious breakfast or sweet treat made with ripe bananas, cinnamon, and nutmeg! If you love bananas, you have to try these simple muffins. And if you love cream cheese you are going to love this cream cheese frosting recipe. Make these for breakfast or dessert!
My grandmother's banana bread recipe is the simplest ever with no added dairy, oil, or butter. Just a couple basic baking ingredients and your ripest of ripe bananas give you this delicious quick and easy breakfast bread.
Chocolate Chip Banana Bread #bananabread #bananas #bananacake #chocolatechips #chocolate

Banana Bread Recipes

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Looking for gluten free parsley pesto recipe which is also suitable for a healthy HFLC meal plan? This homemade keto pesto recipe is for you! Reset your taste buds with this tasty gut healthy food for your easy sugar detox plan and effective slimming! If you consider going gluten free and experience the gluten free diet benefits of relieving gut health issues, this healthy food suggestion is for you! The benefits of parsley and a prebiotics food are enormous! #pesto #springrecipes #parsleyrecipe

Pesto Recipes

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This recipe for 4-Ingredient Strawberry Cake Mix Cookies is a keeper. Cookies are so easy when they are made with cake mix and these cookies combine the wonderful flavor of strawberry and white chocolate.
These Southern style collard greens are simmered with bacon and seasonings until tender and flavorful. A simple yet satisfying side dish that pairs perfectly with proteins such as chicken, beef and pork.
Easy Cheese Grits Casserole recipe is the perfect comfort side dish for breakfast, brunch, or even a weeknight dinner. Cheesy baked grits can also be made ahead as overnight grits casserole for easy entertaining! #gritscasserole #cheese #baked #easy #breakfast #sausage

All American Recipes

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Aloo Chaat is a delectable dish ideal to serve as a snack or an appetizer. It is loved by both kids and adults. #streetfood #indianfood #chaats #bengalicuisine
Roasted Potato Wedges with Fresh Herbs - Peter's Food Adventures
Crispy and creamy roasted red potatoes with an herby and spicy chimichurri sauce. The perfect side when you want ultimate flavor! red potato recipes, red potatoes roasted, red potatoes recipe, roasted red potatoes, chimichurri sauce, chimichurri sauce recipe, healthy sides, easy sides, healthy sides for steak, easy sides for bbq

Potato Recipes

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A quick and easy one-pan spicy Mexican rice and beans recipe made with white rice, tomato passata, kidney beans, sweet corn, red peppers and the delicious flavours of smoked chilli paste, cumin and coriander.
Enchilada Style Burritos is an delicious meaL (lunch or dinner) where piping hot tortillas are stuffed with cheese, sauce, black beans and mexican rice, and served with delectable sides tomato salsa, lettuce, sour cream, gucamole  #enchiladas #burritobowl #summerfood #holidaydinner #enchiladasauce #enchiladachicken #enchiladasbeef #enchiladacasserole #mexicanfoodrecipes #burritobowlinstantpot #beefburritobowl #vegetarianburrito #tortillarecipes #blackbeans #sourcreamenchiladas #sourcreamrecipes
This traditional Southern Black Eyed Peas recipe is the perfect way to kick off the New Year or Sunday Supper! Made with smoky meat and a handful of spices, these hearty beans in a thick sauce are warm, comforting and packed with flavor. #blackeyedpeas #peas #peasrecipe #newyearsday #newyearseve

Bean Recipes

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A classic baking powder biscuits recipe, as I was taught to make as a child growing up in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. An easy 15-minute recipe, start to finish, and a perfect one to get the kids involved.
These Chocolate Chip Scones make the perfect afternoon tea treat recipe. This Scones Recipe with Chocolate Chip and Dark Chocolate Ganache drizzle is the perfect sweet treat to enjoy as your breakfast, with your mornings tea or afternoon tea or to serve at your next tea party. The easy double chocolate scones are soft, flaky, rich and indulgent and yet super light! #scones #chocolatechip #chocolate #afternoontea #teaparty

Scones & Bannocks

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