outdoor play kitchen

{Busy Times Ahead}

Easy kiddie kitchen sinks: find a table, cut two holes, insert plastic tubs - can't find this on the link but the picture pretty much tells you what to do! Great idea for outdoor play space In the summer

Mud kitchen - Children Learn What They Live ≈≈

Mud kitchen - Children Learn What They Live. We have plenty of tree stumps to make this table and seats.

Outdoor play kitchen.

A Play Kitchen For The Outdoors

Check out this mud bar! I believe kids should be allowed to get dirty! What a great mud pie outdoor kitchen for kids!

outdoor play kitchen

outdoor mudpie kitchen for kids. Reminds me of my childhood! Putting whatever i could find for ingredients in scrap pots and pans. Heck, I still pitch in with my kids. We will have a mudpie station soon!

Mud Kitchen

This is an example of a yet-to-be-used mud kitchen. There is ample space in and around the centre for children to play. Multiple bins for mixing water and mud, and easy access to different tools (containers, pots, spoons, etc.

mud pie kitchen!

Mud pie kitchen in backyard! let the children play: create a natural playscape in your own backyard