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Quality Time by ~DJCoulzAnimalsOnly on deviantART

Chumvi and Kula, from the TLK Books, Having a morning race. I think these to are brother and sister. I know they have different moms in the book but I think they have the same dad, probably Mufasa,.

Simba roi

Aww, aren't they cute? Yeah, I think "Ed" is just a nickname, so I gave him a ridiculously long "real" name. Just a friendly reminder, I'm being slow on purpose with this comic. I'm hoping tha.

Tablet, SAI & Adobe Photoshop Ahadi & Uru © Disney Ahadi's design, Uru's design © me YES, you MAY use this picture, but ONLY with my personal pe.

White Bull vs. Black Bull while Stevie Rae escapes...love this image.

Illustration of the Book "House of Night" P. Stevie Ray and Bulls of light and darkness. Bulls of light and darkness

House Of Night, Stuff Stuff

°Balance: The dark does not always equate with evil, just as light does not always bring good  ~Nyx (The house of night)

I think Nyx said that. and I'm not sure if it's equate or equal.some say it's equate. House of Night ~P. House of Night - Nyx

Crookedpaw and Bluepaw by CascadingSerenity

re-make of this: the reason why i keep making re-makes is because i haven't read any warrior books past the fourth series and i have no creativity. Crookedpaw and Bluepaw