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Abigail Reynolds index - Collage Drawing

This collage drawing allows both the exterior and interior building design to be seen.


Archigram, cave and reflections, looks like mirrors placed in nature

Giacomo Costa_'Agglomerato n.2'_1997_C-Print, diasec on perspex

Giacomo Costa_'Agglomerato diasec on perspex Photography manipulation idea, collage or photoshop many of your own images or mix with secondary source.

KRob Architectural Delineation, Architectural Drawing & Illustration Competition

KRob Architecture Competition - Architectural illustration, delineation and drawing competition. Architects and architecture students submit architectural sketches for architecture competition.

deconstructivism - Поиск в Google

Extracts of Local Distance is an innovative architectural collage project by Frederic Gmeiner, Torsten Posselt, and Benjamin Maus.

Extracts of Local Distance [Mac, C++, Photography]

Extracts of Local Distance [Mac, C++, Photography]

Abigail Reynolds’ The Universal Now series consists of collages comprised of found book pages. She uses images of landmarks, monuments and landscapes printed at a similar scale and shot from approximate vantage points by separate photographers at different points in time.  The two corresponding bookplates are merged through a series of incisions and folds, which result in an undulating three-dimensional honeycomb like surface in which the entirety of each page is preserved.

Abigail Reynolds WHAT? Origami cutting style photograph WHY?

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