Henry Hargeaves, a Brooklyn-based New Zealander, recently shocked audiences with his photos of deep-fried gadgets like the iPod, Mac Book, Gameboy and iPad.

Deep Fried Gadget

Deep-Fried Gadgets: Artist Henry Hargreaves Deep-Fries (Fake) iPad, iPhone And

Deep fried gadgets - this makes me so sad :*(

“Deep Fried Gadgets” by Henry Hargreaves. I want a deep fried iPad as well

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Deep Fried Gadgets by Henry Hargreaves

Deep Frying an Ipad. Somehow it is quite a painful image to look at. by Henry Hargreaves

Deep Fried Gadgets

Technology gets the greasy spoon treatment in a photo series by Henry Hargreaves

Deep Fried Gadgets - Henry Hargraeves

deep-fried gadgets by henry hargreaves The article underneath the crispy treat is hilarious!

Deep-Fried Gadgets  -  ear plugs

Deep-Fried Gadgets

Don't let your headphones looks like this! Go waterproof and rinse after workouts! *Disclaimer, okay, these are a pair of deep fried headphones.but seriously, headphones can house bacteria so cleanable means a fresh clean pair every time.


Photographer Henry Hargreaves explores the relationship between consumer culture and fast food in this photo series of deep-fried electronic gadgets.

Henry Hargreaves

Deep-Fried Gadgets Visualize Quickly-Devoured Technological Fads - PSFK