art with loose rocks and other small items

Awesome kid-made designs and art with loose rocks and other small items- wouldn't this be cool outside? a large white sheet spread out with loose nature materials

Sensory Sunday - Pipe Cleaner Fine Motor Play. Be sure to supervise closely as with all sensory Play experiences!

Pipe Cleaner Fine Motor Play - I am a bit concerned about the pointy ends of the pipe cleaners so I am waiting to do this when my son is a bit older.

Loose parts organization. Everything about this classroom was so carefully planned. The observation panels are at the child's level, wooden "pretend"plates on the table, pictures of the children using the materials..≈ ≈

The Parent Project: Reggio Emilia Schooling from

Disposición de materiales + imaginación + libertad

Pin Loose parts. Students are given a variety or natural resources sourced from around the centre to create artworks.

Lovely Block Play Area (",)

Blocks area: I like the tree in the back room with the challenges for block center building and the labels on the dollar store buckets

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