Sensory Sunday - Pipe Cleaner Fine Motor Play. Be sure to supervise closely as with all sensory Play experiences!

Pipe Cleaner Fine Motor Play - I am a bit concerned about the pointy ends of the pipe cleaners so I am waiting to do this when my son is a bit older.

art with loose rocks and other small items

Awesome kid-made designs and art with loose rocks and other small items- wouldn't this be cool outside? a large white sheet spread out with loose nature materials

Lovely Block Play Area (",)

Love the picture labels and questions a teacher can ask posted thoughtfully above the block shelf // fun to have a wheeled wagon or trolley for moving blocks to and from shelves for sorting?

Love the way ABC Does has presented the natural materials for his mud kitchen (",)

Make a Mud Kitchen - It's a must!

outdoor 20 mud kitchen ideas in mini decoration 2 with outdoor kitchen mud kitchen inspiration best of