Paper plate & bowl easter bonnets

Paper Bowl & Plate Easter Bonnets Once a month at work, we have a pizza party to celebrate all the company birthdays for the month. They bring in a variety of different flavored party pizzas, salad and cakes & cookies.

Spring sensory play activities for kids - fun for Easter too!

Spring sensory play tub with carrots

Seasonal sensory tubs for every month - great sensory play ideas, messy play activities for babies, toddlers, preschool and older. These flower crowns help kids remember a different crown Jesus wore on the cross.

Easter: Blooming Crowns

These Easter: Blooming Crowns help kids remember a different crown Jesus wore on the cross.

Unusual Easter bonnet. Just made two. Didn't take long and looks SO effective. Highly recommended. Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea!

Sun Hats & Wellie Boots: Springtime Easter Bonnet - though would make a cute table display

Handprint Little Red Hen - Handprint Chicken

Farm Animal Crafts made with handprints + 8 Farm Books!

Life Cycle of a Chicken. This is a creative idea! Instead of just telling the children about the life cycle of a chicken, they can create an masterpiece of their own to better understand the concept

Homemade Easter Cards by Potato Stamping! Fun for you and your kids!

Potatoe stamping art activity for kids. Fun hands on Easter craft for children. making Easter eggs with Potatoe prints.