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a close up of an open book with text on the front and back pages in english
Vana Voru Birch Syrups and @tastesdeli mentioned in The Guardian last week…
a newspaper article with two women holding jars of nutty business product in front of them
Look who's in the September edition of @windsorascotmag! It's @jakesboost! You…
several jars of jam sitting on top of a table next to a piece of paper
Still Great!
Tiptree Little Scarlet jam gets a mention in a lovely letter from a WWI soldier. An essential product for morale nearly 100 years ago!
a newspaper article about jimmy goodness claims low factor with 3 - star award on it
Artisan kitchen's award winning handmade jams.
an article in the magazine about what to eat and how to use it for cooking
Bakina Tajna - hrana za dušu
Granny's Secret Ayvar and Gran Luchito in Crumbs Magazine February 2013.
three bags of piper's crisp co sitting in a wooden box on a table
Winners 2013/Packaging | DBA: Design Effectiveness Awards
Piper's Crisps win silver at the Design Effectiveness awards for their new packaging. The crisps inside are very good as well!
two men in white uniforms standing next to each other near some machines and food containers
Word of mouth: popcorn's gourmet makeover
The story of Toasted Gourmet Popcorn in The Telegraph (February 2013). #ToastedGourmetPopcorn
anise's hot methi condiment with love and harmony, 350g
Anila's Hot Methi Curry Sauce reviewed by the Chile Foundry (February 2013). "Overall, this is a great tasting sauce that I’d definitely recommend any curry lover to try. No matter what level your culinary skills are in the kitchen, it will allow anyone to produce an authentic tasting curry at home with the greatest of ease." #AnilasAuthenticSauces
an advertisement for john & george's side dish with two men in suits and ties
John Torode in the Daily Mail (Saturday 16th March 2013) with his top secret tip - Gran Luchito. #wesellthat @
the front and back of a newspaper with an image of a man in a suit
Tom Parker Bowles in the Mail on Sunday (17th March 2013) describes his love from Gran Luchito (Mexican Salsa) #wesellthat @
a man and woman are holding some bread
March 2013, Article in Windsor Observer includes Two Hoots Cheese, Mortimer Chocolate and Susie's Preserves.
a man and woman holding cups in front of some coffee mugs on a table
Chocolate company delighted with nomination
The Mortimer Chocolate Company has been named as a finalist in a national food industry award competition for its White Couverture Powder – a dairy-free alternative to white cooking chocolate. From Get Reading, March 2013.
two people standing behind a gate holding doughnuts
Barkham Blue cheese loved by MPs
Barkham Blue chosen by MPs as one of four British cheeses to send to France. BBC news March 2010.
Peppersmith gum; a uniquely plastic free gum, in a plastic free container is mentioned on MyPlasticFreeLife.
Peppersmith Makes Chewing Gum WITH Plastic
Peppersmith gum; a uniquely plastic free gum, in a plastic free container is mentioned on MyPlasticFreeLife.
several different types of cheese sitting on a table
It's Official: we sell some of the best cheese in the world!
Two Berkshire cheeses in the Top 16 Cheeses in the World! World Cheese Awards 2012.