I’ve been seeing these stunning portraits around the internet for quite some time, but just finally decided to stalk down the wonder-boy who created them. I’m so impressed by the imagination that Dan Mountford created with these photographs. I’d love to have a couple hanging in my bedroom. This also makes me want to go practice […]

dan mountford, double exposure portraits

The first and third are cliche but the second is good. Coming city life and country-side with the human face by Dan Mountford, double exposure portraits.

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Geometric Double Exposure Photoshop Creator - Photo Effects Actions

Geometric Double Exposure Photoshop Creator

How To Create A Double Exposure - Geometric Double Exposure Photoshop Creator - Photo Effects Actions - The result contains easy to edit layers with all the styles intact so that you can customize the appearance.

Nick Valvur

landscape photography What a great way to showcase a few different pictures while leaving in a striking, strong background image to tie them all together! Best with landscape photography, abstract art and graphic overlays are a great match.

anthony gerace - collage

anthony gerace (The Jealous Curator)

Collages by London based artist Anthony Gerace. Found faces jumbled up into new peek-a-booish compositions.

be really cool if each photo is a different season

David Hilliard creates large scale multi-paneled photographs, based on his life or the lives of people around him. He received a BFA from the Mas.

Triptych Photography

25 Amazing Examples Of Triptych Photography

Basically Triptych photography is a photograph that uses three different or identical images side by side to form one single image. This article presents 25