Qi fact!

Why are there goats on this dam! This doesn't look comfortable! What the hell, goats! <<<<< they wanna go to the dam snack bar

Haha britans nothing like that but hahahahahahahahahahahaha

An arrow to the knee post of Britan as part of the suddenly hetalia collection by Kayleigh Clark ------ The guy with the corgi is Stephen Fry!

Never Mind The Buzzcocks

The 23 Best Moments From Never Mind The Buzzcocks


Alan and Stephen

QI - great show!

Someone requested more QI on Imgur.

Stephen Fry - hahaha

Stephen Fry offers a tribute to his recently deceased comedy partner, Hugh Laurie, who he killed in a fit of rage after Hugh refused to stop playing the piano and singing a song about lids becoming separated from jars!

‘When I’m conscious, when I’m rational, I realise that being Stephen Fry is a very happy thing to be; people are extraordinarily nice to me. Mostly it’s great, but there are times when you’re on stage or when I’m doing QI and laughing [on the outside], but inside I’m going “I want to die.”’

Stephen Fry: I tried to kill myself last year : News 2013 : Chortle : The UK Comedy Guide

Stephen Fry and Ricky Gervais.

Epic Conversation Between Stephen Fry And Ricky Gervais - The best funny pictures