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Might try a slimming world version of this! Bacon Fries!Oh me oh my!!!

sometimes in life you just need fries and bacon. ~Bacon Fries from "Oh, Bite It!

Diet coke Chicken / Slimming World  No link just picture of recipe

I find this recipe has way too much sauce so I add 2 small cups of uncooked brown rice and cook for a further The rice soaks up all the juice. so nice xx

slimming world bacon double cheese burger, syn free with extra easy and HEA & B

The hardest part about this monster Bacon Double Cheese Burger was the first bite :-) and I felt stuffed for a week after this bad boy. Syn free on extra easy

Diets and Riots: Syn Free Spring Rolls (Slimming World Style)

Diets and Riots: Syn Free Spring Rolls (Slimming World Style) - a great idea in principle, but mine didn't turn out anything like this