Jimi Hendrix Carnaby Street London June 1967....

Jimi Hendrix Carnaby Street London June a tour of rock'n'roll locations in London with an expert guide! (There will be time for shopping in the iconic street too!

Covent Garden women shelling walnuts.

vintage everyday: Old Pictures of London in Victorian Era : circa Women shelling walnuts at Covent Garden Market in London. (Photo by London Stereoscopic Company/Getty Images)

Covent Garden was once the biggest fruit and vegetable market in the world.

Covent Garden Market, London, Some reinvented, others long lost: London's markets 100 years ago – in pictures

Flower vendors from circa 1880.

Covent Garden Flower Women - how the other half (or lived. A Woodburytype of flower sellers with their baskets, taken from 'Street Life in London' written by Adolphe Smith with photography by the Scottish photographer John Thomson

Covent Garden 1941.

D A smiling flower-seller sells flowers fresh from Covent Garden to two happy customers visiting her stall at this London market. As well as the tulips she is holding daffodils form a large part of her stock

'Covent garden labourers', London.

Dickens' London brought to life: Fascinating snapshot of Victorian street traders taken at the dawn of photography

1877 - Covent Garden Labourers From 'Street Life in London' - by John Thomson & Adolphe Smith (vintage photo, victorian era)