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Haha... I was thinking about Ethan and decided to look up crush quotes... Don't know why... #SOOOOOEXCITED I haven't seen him since Friday guys.

Omg, the other week I was on a field trip, I was waiting in line behind my crush and my bestie comes up and says ur girlfriend loves u Ever time I talk to crush with my friend around its not Abby its ur girlfriend! I laugh every time

I once took so long sneaking around (my mum was at the door) that I could hear her yelling at me through the keyhole. I still finished my ninja before letting her in tho. #noregrets

when you're home alone & someone knocks on your door: say "who is it?" look through the peep hole open the door crawl around on the ground like a ninja and look through the window very quitely to make sure it isn't a masked murder

Sorry if you don't like these but I wanted to see if it works

I heard this story a couple years ago, I still think it's super cute! I don't care if it's a chain letter, I'm posting for the story! (And the small sad hope in my hopeless romantic heart that the bit at the end is true T-T)

I hope I find My love this year it would be a cute love story to tell my kids

of people marry their grade love. Since you have read this, you will be told good news tonight. If you don't repost this your worst week starts now.

Write a book - Imgur | I would read the heck out of this.

I am now questioning my entire existence. ~ This would be a cool story idea. ~ someone definitely needs to write a book or some fanfiction or SOMETHING with this idea