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twenty one pilots

Twenty one pilots. Idk why but I am completely obsessed with them. BRAHDDY I CAN'T

How giraffes sleep…

Funny pictures about How giraffes sleep. Oh, and cool pics about How giraffes sleep. Also, How giraffes sleep.

I. Need. These. Now

Batman Sunglasses - Wayfarer style sunglasses Batman comic unique hand painted - yellow - grey - black and white OMFG I NEED SOOOOOO BAD


I don't understand people who don't watch Friends. Your life must be so empty. This is too funny I quote friends way too much lol

My life.

I'm sarcastic because punching people is frowned upon yes this describes me

I would never, ever, EVER do this... but I can't not laugh for some reason!

Funny pictures about Lingo the clown. Oh, and cool pics about Lingo the clown. Also, Lingo the clown.


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