Salvador Dalì

He looks like Salvador Dali. Who's Salvador Dali you ask? Well stop looking at this picture and do your research. He is just one of the many very important artist you'll need to know. Write a page paper on him to better appreciate him!

Charlie Chaplin, 1917

Autochrome portrait of Charlie Chaplin, Hollywood, Calif., circa 1917 - 1918 © George Eastman House/Charles Zoller/The Image Works

Curiosidades: La página de Homer Simpson

Curiosidades: La página de Homer Simpson


The Problem We All Live With - by Norman Rockwell - On November six year old Ruby Bridges attended William J. Frantz Elementary School in the Ward of New Orleans. It was her first day, as well as New Orleans' court-ordered first day of integrated schools.

Chaplin Eating Boots

Charlie Chaplin eating his boot in the by now famous scene from The Gold Rush.

Picasso as Popeye 1957

André Villers, Picasso als Popeye, Cannes 1957 Peter und Irene Ludwig Stiftung, Aachen © André Villers