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studywithmaggie: 13/02/2016 • A lot of you have been asking how I study and also what grades I’ve been getting. So here goes! I’ve listed some general points which I’m going to expand on in a series of ‘How to Study’ master posts. I’m studying in the UK and achieved 12A*2A at GCSE. At AS, I achieved 5As and am currently aiming for 4A*s. I’m studying Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry & Economics! My techniques definitely aren’t going to work for everyone, but I hope my next few post...

Second post in my ‘How to Study’ series! This goes through really general points on how to differentiate studying between maths and humanities because it won’t always work to use the same.

some mind maps for my chemistry test today! first day back in school and I realised I only have 4 proper classes, woohoo!

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Dylan O' Brien, he's as cute as a kitten. No wait, he's cuter than that. He's as cute as a puppy. I'll tell you what it is- Dylan O'Brien.