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Technosoft Yana Dealer Management System is the complete automotive solution to drive digital transformation for automotive businesses

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Yana Service Increase Service Revenue and Service Booking

Yana Service Increase Service Revenue and Service Booking Rate in 3-way with right mix between digital, mobile and customer-focused strategies

Yana Resource Scheduling | Technosoft Automotive

Yana Resource Scheduling ensure dealer can maximizes service work order bookings allowing more appointment to fitted into the workshop daily.

The application of dealership CRM software in the automotive industry is still largely misunderstood. Perhaps it’s because the term CRM is used loosely to describe any tool that does anything that relates to a customer or prospect or perhaps we simply just need to do a better job conveying what the standard is and how it can be effectively implemented at a dealership. Either way, I thought I’d attempt to set the record straight by debunking five common myths about dealership CRM software
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Dealer Management System For Automotive Retail | Technosoft

Dealership CRM software in the automotive industry is still largely misunderstood. used loosely that does anything that relates to a customer.

Automotive dealers and manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to engage with consumers, by managing cost-effective marketing and promotional campaigns, developing better relationships. Once the deal is done, dealerships know they need to develop proactive, meaningful relationships with customers to keep them coming back for service, after-market add-ons, and their next vehicle. Technosoft Yana Dealer management system information can be found in the Technosoft Yana Overview brochure.

Dealer CRM - Shaping Future of Automotive | Technosoft

Dealer CRM help to engage with consumers, by managing cost-effective marketing and promotional campaigns, developing better relationships.

The combination of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Office 365, and Power BI is now available at $65/user/month for new customers, and $45/user/month for existing Office 365 customers.  Please contact us to learn more about our Dealer Management and Automotive CRM capabilities.

Dealer Management Solution that Redefines Sales Productivity

Dealer Management Solution to remain competitive that can redefines Sales Productivity through their fundamental business models

Forbes recently put out a thought-provoking article on car dealerships, and how the game has changed significantly. Dealers who have failed to notice the big changes in the mentality of their buyers are finding themselves left in the dust by tech-savvy competitors. If you are looking for a DMS or mobile app that will allow you to manage your dealership effortlessly, power to take charge of your social media presence, you can find out more about Technosoft’s Automotive Retail Solutions here.

Dealer Management System For Automotive Retail | Technosoft

Social Media Tips how dealership engage with potential customers by capturing their attention and having conversations through social media.

Millennials are a huge generation, born any time between the early 1980s and 2000. While there are significant differences in life experiences and expectations between both end of the spectrum, the entire group has grown alongside an era of information boom. Millennials are adept at navigating online and highly proficient in obtaining. To find out more visit Technosoft.

Millennials car buyers: Is your dealership Ready Connected ?

Millennials, who share a millennial outlook, hold different ideas about where human-powered service fits into the customer experience.

Technosoft Automotive Power BI is designed to run with existing dealer management system and dealer CRM.  Technosoft Automotive Power BI was developed by experts of the industry to help automotive retailers effectively collect and analyse their data and digitally transform their automotive business.  If you would like to find out more about Technosoft Automotive’s solutions, contact us at or schedule a 30-minute product demo with us today!
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Technosoft Automotive Power BI | Technosoft Automotive

Technosoft Automotive Power BI is a set of business intelligence dashboards for the usage of dealerships in the automotive industry.

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Digital Transformation in Automotive Adopting Strategy

Digital transformation in automotive Retail changing of expectations consumer for researching a car online even before to dealership

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Social Media Relationship for Your Dealership | Technosoft

Social Media Relationship are vital components of the customer journey lifecycle is not an exception to your dealership business.

Yana Mobile Sales App boost sales performance | Technosoft

Yana Mobile Sales app empowering your salesperson with a mobility tool to engage closer with customers and sell more cars anytime anywhere.

Customers Engagement for Your Dealership, How to improve it?

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. There is at least a 60% chance that the customer will make at least one more purchase find more

Improving Workshop Efficiency | Technosoft Automotive

Improving Workshop Efficiency isn’t just about getting jobs done on time, Learn how with Technosoft Yana improve your workshop efficiency

Increase Customer Retention and Growing Revenue Businesses

Increase Customer retention and revenue becoming more easy by Yana DMS that gives you getting the right data, accurate pic your dealerships.

News Dealer Management Systems | Technosoft Automotive

News Dealer Management Systems and dealer CRM industry development by browsing our recent articles, Keep up to date releases and product.