Recycled tyre  bike rack

Tire Bike Racks: Creation of Finnish designer A Samuli Kotkas; this bike stand gives old tires a creative and functional use. For School and parks

Recycled tyre stools // Fernanda Fajardo

Happy Hardcore is the name given to seating cushions made out old tires. This is the work and creative genius of Fernanda Fajardo who has tried to give the tough tire a new lease of life by weaving the hollow surface with a fiber thread to create a seati

Tyre Playground Elephant

Amazing animals created by recycling tires! What a great idea! You could make an elephant chain for around the backyard!


Got any old tires laying around, then take a look at these DIY ideas for recycling those tires rather than taking them to a landfill or tire recycle center. Recycled tires can be steps, swings, chairs and more.