Braun Exporter transistor radio, c. 1956

Braun Exporter This transistor radio is considered to be one of the first contributions of functionalist Ulm Design School (HfG Ulm), Germany, to Braun, although the actual designers are.

Atelier 3, Designed by Dieter Rams, 1962

Dieter Rams, Atelier radio and record player, Braun, Frankfurt. An early Rams work for Braun, without Hans Gugelot. This design marks an important shift from the earlier one established by.

Braun T3 pocket radio (1958 ) by Dieter Rams

Ten Commandments of Design. "Good design is unobtrusive" (Braun pocket radio, 1958 )


Braun by Dieter Rams, reel-to-reel tape deck that ultimately inspired Apple’s skeuomorphic podcasting UI on the iPhone.

Braun TP1  portable transistor radio and phonograph (1959) by Dieter Rams

1959 Portable Transistor Radio and Phonograph, model TP MOMA Collection by Dieter Rams. wish list

Braun electrical - Audio - Braun Atelier 3

Braun Atelier L 20 (Dieter Rams, For Braun, audio equipment was essentially a loss leader item for the brand.


Good design is innovative. Good design makes a product useful. Good design is aesthetic. Good design makes a product understandable. Good design is unobtrusive. Good design is honest. Good design i…

L 450 flat loudspeaker,TG 60 reel-to-reel tape recorder and TS 45control unit, 1962-64, by Dieter Rams for Braun

Dieter Rams

L 450 flat loudspeaker, TG 60 reel-to-reel tape recorder and TS 45 control unit, by Dieter Rams for Braun

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braun lectron hobby set radio receiver, designed by Dieter Rams and Jurgen Greubel in 1969

Product Design of the 60′s and 70′s

oyeahdesign: “ TP 1 Radio/Phono Combination Design: Dieter Rams for Braun, 1959 ”

Simply gorgeous (by Tuusa, via Flickr)

Minimalism from 1961 Braun PCS 4 record player. Designed by Dieter Rams & Gerd Alfred Müller

Television Receiver "FS80" (1965 – 1967) | Designer: Dieter Rams, Braun | 3D Render: Vladimir Pospelov

Braun Television Set by Dieter Rams. TV, Dieter Rams for Braun, 1964

braun tocadiscos

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Braun KF 20 1972


Braun Orange Coffeemaker Who says all coffee makers have to be boring neutral colors? Inject some life into your kitchen with this bold orange coffeemaker by Braun. The color alone might wake you up every morning.

Would be cool to have design principles hanging up, to remind others of the importance of strategic design thinking.

Diseño clásico y funcional para artefactos clásicos y funcionales. Gracias Dieter Rams // Would be cool to have design principles hanging up, to remind others of the importance of strategic design thinking.