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an altered book with lots of papers in it's pocket on a white surface
a blue jacket with birds and butterflies on it
Man closings, Boro Japanes demin jacket,jeans ,90's man Jacket Vintage upcyceled Jeans Retro Denim Vintage Jacket Distressed Patched
"Ready to send :by order only in any size 50,52,54( s,m,L,XL) Amazing vintage one of a kind jacket special embroidery boro Japanese. ----or---- Made to order, in any size, within 22 working days . If you need different size, please send me a message and I will make you a special and unique design within 22 working days. They are all different! No one will have the same one as you have! Hand painted, one of kind jeans. You pick your size, model (slime- boyfriend- high waist- low waist) and primer
a woman holding up a sign that says i am no longer accepting the things i cannot change, i am changing the things i cannot accept
Women’s March for Equality
Additionally, "The Yellow Wallpaper" helped challenge traditional gender roles within society, particularly with regards to women's agency over their own bodies and minds. By exposing the harmful consequences of patriarchal control over women's lives, Gilman sparked discussions surrounding female autonomy and empowerment. These conversations laid the groundwork for further advancements in reproductive rights and feminist movements that positively impacted many aspects of women's lives, including their mental health care.