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How to Make a Raindrop Cake Make a 3 Ingredient Raindrop Cake,...

How to Make a Raindrop Cake [[MORE]]Make a 3 Ingredient Raindrop Cake, also known as the Japanese Mizu Shingen Mochi, using Agar, sugar and spring water. Mizu shingen mochi looks like a big drop of water, but it's actually a cake!

Mini cakes from a Minecraft Birthday Party via Kara's Party Ideas KarasPartyIdeas.com (4)

Minecraft Birthday Party Cakes - so many creative ideas here and lots of DIY decorating ideas.

30 Day Abs And Squats Challenge -- here's a guide for every fab femme who wants to get fit but isn't sure where to start, or how to scale up! http://www.fitnessrepublic.com/fitness/exercises/30-day-abs-and-squats-challenge.html healthandfitnessnewswire.com

Give your body some attention and take up this 30 day abs and squat challenge and boost your core, leg and butt muscles and body strength to the max! The three workouts involved in this challenge will certainly assist you …