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For my future zen garden --- Water Features & Sculptures - The Garden Light Company Photo Gallery

Modern | Water Feature with Fire Pit.

Outdoor Water Feature Trends for 2015

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Urban Courtyard for Entertaining : Modern garden by Inspired Garden Design

Modern garden photos: urban courtyard for entertaining

Small urban courtyard designed for entertaining. Would love a small fire pit in my garden :)

Really nice water feature. Asian Patio by JHLA / Jennifer Horn Landscape Architecture

As beautiful as this modern fountain is, remember the most support from water…

Idea: integrated water system as holistic part of house. Imagine the water blade, and lighting on steps. Water feature and exterior lighting designed by Paver Planet, Inc.

Water Feature Gallery - Water Feature Specialisten

The stunning Volute water feature by Tills Innovations. A vortex being captured and displayed in clarity and detail. What appears to be a solid piece of glass with a spinning vortex. A mesmerising water feature.