All my family members always ask mum to make them a Hedgehog Cake - might ask her to make me one for my birthday this year! I used to love them as a kid! (You just use Cadbury's buttons/giant buttons) :)

Sarah Ozolins: "Hedgehog Cake - out of all the women's weekly options this was my favorite and most requested birthday cake as a child. I always remember sneaking in and eating the smartie nose the night before the party and Mum would have to replace it!

Hedgehog cake

Hedgehog cake - Easy to make with wacky cake recipe. I used a star icing tip to make the spines in chocolate icing, and mixed a bit of vanilla icing into some of the choc icing to make a lighter face.

Hedgehog Birthday Cake - Chocolate cake covered in ganache and chocolate fondant made for our daughter/grandaughter's birthday.

Our first cake of Chocolate cake covered in chocolate ganache and fondant. For our daughter/grandaughter’s birthday. Thanks for looking :) xx Más

Buttercream Hedgehog Cake with a purple base, pink writing, and a purple bow on hedgehog, vanilla cake with raspberry filling:)

Round cake covered in green buttercream with piped grass and a hand modelled hedgehog on top. round cake To feed 30 people Price based on vanilla sponge.

Hedgehog Cake - like the "tree" base

Hedgehog Cake - Hedgehog on tree stump. Birthday cake for 10 year old. Chocolate Fudge Cake covered w/Chcocolate BC. Face is overlaid with fondant.