Money problem solving - making 6p. Finding different ways

Money problem solving - making Finding different ways. Use real coins rather than plastic ones so that the pupil can generalise the skills into real life situations.

Sort the coins in the sand. EYFS

Sort the coins in the sand - find coins to total an amount, find coins to give as change

Money Sorting Activity for Kids - What Do We Do All Day?

Money Sorting Activity for Kids

Coin sorting is super easy kid entertainment! Keeps them busy and teaches pre-math skills.

using Unifix cubes to help students understand the different values of coins | Teaching in Progress: Math Misunderstandings

But the best idea I saw all day was a way to help kids understand coin values. You can use unifix cubes and a hundreds board to really drive home the understanding that different coins have different values. What a great idea!

A cute game idea for coin recognition

The firsties take turns pulling a stick out of the can and telling what the coin is and how much it is worth. If they pull out the button BANG! all of their sticks go back in the can. The first person to get 5 sticks without a BANG wins.

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