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Instagram media by ozabu - 30min study 泣キ止マヌ赤子ニ芥子汁ヲ
Tribal Coat of Arms Necklace by Miyu Decay
Armour Reference
Maenads were female worshipers of Dionysus. Their Roman husbands allowed them out for a "lady's night" once a year in reverence of their sacred god of trance. The stripped off their clothes, ran wild through the fields, slaughtered and ate animals with their bare hands, bathed in the blood and wine and made sweet orgiastic sacrifices to their God.
FAUXTALE - Toree Arntz Ꮎ
medicine woman
Into the wild we must go
leirelatent:“Soul Factory”, by Mira Nedyalkova
This masterpiece of Renaissance metalwork is signed on the browplate by Filippo Negroli, whose embossed armor was praised by sixteenth-century writers as "miraculous" and deserving "immortal merit." Formed of one plate of steel and patinated to look like bronze, the bowl is raised in high relief with motifs inspired by classical art.