A review of the Ares Amoeba M4 AEG. A great polymer gun with some pretty nice features.

The Amoeba from Ares Airsoft is a polymer AEG with a few twists. In this post I check out what makes this one so different and give my opinion.

In game footage from Templar Airsoft's Mike, playing at UCAP's The Bunker.

The Bunker is an underground World War 2 military headquarters run by UCAP Airsoft.

Digital gaming coming to the airsoft battlefield. How this smartphone app could change the face of airsoft.

There's a new smartphone app coming for airsoft that could change the sport. It's called Overwatch and allows you to have Call of Duty style radars and perks.

Why the commonly believed "best shooting stances" are in fact not "the best"!

Here I discuss why the "BEST" tactics used in airsoft are in fat not. It's common misunderstanding that there is a one size fits all tactic for combat

Here's a quick tutorial on how to give your airsoft gun's custom paint pattern a worn look.

Wearing down your custom paint job to make it look used isn't for everyone. But for those that do like the battle worn look, here is how I do it.

Here's a quick guide on how to spray paint a camouflage paint pattern on your airsoft gun.

Learn how to apply a simple yet effective camouflage pattern to your airsoft gun to break up the shape and outline of it enabling better concealment in game.

An alternative to the UK Airsoft Retailers Association (UKARA) is now here, but is it any good and is it fit for purpose?

UKARA is the association that provides airsofters with a valid defence to buy RIFs. The British Airsoft Club is a new organisation that claim to be better.

Do real world tactics work within Airsoft is a common question and the answer isn't what many would expect.

Here I take a look at some "real world" tactics and see how well they apply to airsoft. Some tactics and methods actually work better in airsoft!

Templar Airsoft is a website designed to give tactical advice, product reviews and product news regarding the Airsoft sporting industry.

Do Real World Tactics And Methods Work In Airsoft?

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