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Powder-Blue cloche
Stardew Valley Plush Junimo Green
Felt Art Crafts and Pics of Felt Craft Projects Patterns. #feltcrafts #craft

Needle felt

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"A stapel in every cottagecore wardrobe. The detachable peter pan collar is made from colors linen fabric embroidered with autumn laves and flowers. Measurments: 38 cm, long on the inner curve 5-8 cm wide Closes with ribbon 18 cm long 5mm wide PRODUCT CARE: Hand wash in cold water. After washing the piece, wrap it a towel to absorb excess water, then dry it flat. Place the embroidery on a clean towel, preferably while still damp, and iron on the reverse side. Be very gentle with the embroidery!


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Totoro handcarved stamp

Rubber stamps

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Nylon thread cobweb in case by Mister Finch
Macrame ABC/Pattern sample #21
Learn To Crochet Jasmine Stitch

Macrame, tatting, crochet

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Solid Bubble Bath
These look so beautiful! How To make your own DIY Geode inspired Bath Bombs! Tutorial by The Makeup Dummy
Homemade Wipes for Cleaning and Disinfecting


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Polymer clay

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LOCK and KEY Necklace Vintage Skeleton KEY
dragon ear cuff


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How to Make a Pom-Pom and Attach it - Use this tutorial to quickly and easily make pom-poms and securely attach them to your hats and other items!
Rick Rack Scarf - the purl bee
Moebius Cast-On tutorial from  Knitting Daily


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GYRO-CUT® is a fine cutter for paper-cutting, decoupage, scrap-booking, stencil-cutting, graphic design, artwork and many other applications for the creative mind. Its unique, patented design provides amazing paper-cutting capability. Even the most challenging projects can be completed with ease using GYRO-CUT®.
A digital pattern to make this doll story book, including a teddy bear and bunny rabbit. Each page is part of the house, with a bathroom, bedroom and kitchen included. A sweet baby shower gift idea for baby, or a fun toy for toddlers. Perfect distraction to keep in your handbag when out with the kids.
Made three of these paper doll quilts for my girls, with Velcro on shoulders and some outfits to swap. : quilting

Cloth books

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How to Gild the Edges of Your Bible Pages
Plaid:Craft Liquid Leaf One Step Leafing Paint, 0.75-Ounc...
Wonderful Rainbow stitching to match signatures from @Ruth Bleakley Like a big brother to my mini Be Happy Books! Gorgeous


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Then gently spread the spores evenly on top and mist them. Spores are the equivalent of seeds for ferns. They also make a delightful potted plant as well. | eBay!
Spice Jar Terrarium | 14 DIY Plant Terrarium Ideas | Mini Terrariums You Can Make Yourself see more at


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Hobbit Hole
Working in the lab. : guidebooknook
картинка найдено пользователем ♡~ Bel ~♡. Находите (и сохраняйте!) свои собственные изображения и видео в We Heart It

Book nooks

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Make a small wind turbine.
Homemade GPS receiver built with a Raspberry Pi
Red-amber-green LEDs controlled by a Raspberry Pi.

Electronics Projects

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The Glam Cat: DIY Cat Puzzle Tutorial
Crazy cat furniture


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Penmanship from 1894


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Bring more mindfulness & gratitude into your daily life with a Bullet Journal! Here's how I did it.
Oh, these could make the cutest Bullet Journal icons ever! (If I can draw them, that's it...)
“Oh, you know... Just over here planning out my Level 10 Life in my #bulletjournal ☺️”

Bullet Journal

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DIY Baby! 12 Things To Make For Your Unborn..
DIY baby toys
Making one of these for sure! This is a great idea! A pillow case remade...perfect for traveling and naps... Good idea for a baby shower:-)

For the Tiny Humans in my life - Extra smol

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Cloud Dough - (the stuff at hands on museums) 8 cups flour & 1 cup baby oil. It feels like flour as you run your fingers through it, but it's moldable. A wonderful sensory activity for children.
Time out bottles  OR just relax bottles
Most completely fantastic and comprehensive list of recipes for play dough, paints, slime, floam and other entertaining items.

For the Tiny Humans in my life - Slime and dough

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DIY cardboard kitchen
Life size Lincoln Logs made out of pool noodles~ 15 pool noodles from the dollar store, cut in half, cut notches out easily, with scissors = hours and hours of fun playtime! aWESOME!!!

For the Tiny Humans in my life - Play houses

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Create a hallway “laser obstacle course” with yarn and tape to keep them busy.
SUCH a great idea! A tooth fairy pillow! I love this idea.
Quiet time or restaurant activity Put velcro dots on the ends of popsicle sticks. Kids can make letters or shapes over and over again.

For the Tiny Humans in my life - Overig

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Mini worlds

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How to diy clay kuromi study room tutorial clay crafts clay project ideas
Like a soulmate, he’s your penguin... 🐧
#penguin #penguins #penguinsofinstagram #penguinlove #batman #penguinlife #penguinlover #antarctica #wildlife #penguinisland #emperorpenguin #nature #gotham #penguinstagram #penguinparade #cute #art #joker #animals #dc #riddler #love #dccomics #catwoman #oswaldcobblepot #penguinawarenessday #penguintattoo #photography #penguinbooks #travel #penguinclassics #wildlifephotography #pinguin #babypenguin #penguinlovers #thebatman #penguinsofmadagascar #penguinart #penguinrandomhouse #brucewayne #zoo
a small green stuffed animal sitting on top of a green background with the words dragon
◕‿◕Dragon! Kawaii Friday 90 - Tutorial in Polymer clay!
an assortment of black and white toys on wooden floor with text overlay that reads baby toothlesss
Polymer clay baby dragon tutorial - FImo DIY, polymer clay tutorials
many different types of buttons and magnets on a white surface with the words hello kitty written below them
-❀-✿-⋆Tʊɣếζ T¡ղɦ L¡ղɦ⋆ღ᭄ꦿ࿐
sewing supplies are sitting on the floor with text overlay that reads packing cubes sewing pattern in three sizes
Packing Cubes Pattern with 3 Sizes - (Shower Curtain Upcycle)