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an empty room with white walls and black metal structures on the floor in front of it
Ron Gilad takes us on a tour of his new show at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Ron Gilad, Facade No. 10
an empty room with lots of wooden slats on the walls and floor, as well as a person standing in the doorway
GC Prostho Museum Research Center / Kengo Kuma & Associates
GC Prostho Museum Research Center / Kengo Kuma & Associates via archdaily.net. Photo by Daici Ano #Architecture #GC_Prostho_Research_Center #Kento_Kuma_&_Associates #Daici_Ano #archdaily
an image of a store with glass walls in the center and shelves on each side
Crombe winehouse shop by FIVE AM Kortrijk Belgium
an artist's rendering of a kitchen with lots of counter space and decor on the walls
Once Upon A Cream ice cream shop by MADA Hua Hin Thailand
an empty room with several bottles on the counter
Interview with Ryan Russell. - Yellowtrace
Aesop shop in Doncaster, Australia. IDEA 09 winner in the Retail Category. Designed by Ryan Russel.
several items are displayed on the wall in this office space, including shirts and hats
Home - The Design Files | Australia's Go-To Design Destination
Cargo Crew - The Design Files
the inside of a store with shelves full of bottles and wine glasses on display in it
Aesop Retail by TACKLEBOX - Wit & Delight | Designing a Life Well-Lived
Aesop store designed by Tacklebox // photo: Juliana Sohn for Aesop and Gianluca Fellini for Aesop
black and white photograph of metal bars on the side of a building with concrete walls
a room with tiled walls and flooring that has various shoes on the shelf in front of it
Tomás Alonso Design Studio
Camper stores by Tomás Alonso simpel, maar mooi met een tien x tien tegel
a room that has some chairs in it
Interior Design | Office Inspiration
for many yrs. I've been designing spaces where I've utilized basic/raw industrial materials to create room dividers/screens and you'd be amazed @ how doable + budget friendly they are as well as offering potentially limitless design possibilities,
four glass cubes with lights on them in an empty room, one is white and the other is black
Awesome room divider! Mirrored - Perfect for a small space (Though maybe want to look up feng shui around this)
a white shelf filled with lots of books next to a bottle of water and glass
Handpicked Pin No.six: Space Divider Shelves - http://www.iondecoration.com/stunning-ideas/handpicked-pin-no-six-space-divider-shelves/