Storage stairs

Decorating, under stair storage ideas. To maximize space in your home, utilizing under stairs storage space solutions can help to de-clutter and create functionality in an otherwise unused space.

House Bierings / Rocha Tombal Architecten

House Bierings / Rocha Tombal Architecten

Architecture and Sculpture Combined House in The Netherlands by Rocha Tombal Architecten library

collapsing bookcase

Expanding bookcase for relative dimensions in time and space.


This somewhat disturbing bookcase from Sweden’s ADDI might look like it’s about to topple over but never fear, it’s just an illusion. Even so, the oddly named Billy’s Brother Bookcase effectively blurs the line between hardware and sculpture.

Stove tiles

Berlin ceramic stove tiles by Daniel Becker Design Studio

Berlin Ceramic Stove Tiles by Daniel Becker Design Studio - enhances heat distribution

More ideas
Clever storage for all my books currently sitting around in piles and boxes.

Read Your Bookcase Bookshelf is designed by Eva Alessandrini and Roberto Saporiti for the Italian furniture design firm Saporiti. So Rad.

looking for unusual ways to display my books - this concept makes sense - think about when you are perusing the book you tilt your head to read the spines?  Leaning them on the diagonal would eliminate that - SMART!

Awesome Silver Pyramid Bookcase Series by Fitting - This awesome silver pyramid bookcase is one of smart product design from Fitting Italian manufacture. They designed this pyramid bookcase by using aluminum textured material layer with plywood.

White Bookcase Inspired By Chinese Laundry Culture, Kwan  STUDIO DITTE

Design Inspiration: White Bookcase Inspired By Chinese Laundry Culture – Kwan by Studio Ditte

la bibliothèque suspendue upside down by designer adrien de melo

Bibliothèque suspendue Upside Down

Upside Down is a cubicle bookcase suspended from the ceiling. The floating design and stainless steel frames are covered with a translucent polyurethane cushion.

Gedrehtes Regal

We have all seen those coffee tables carved from a solid block incorporating a quarter turn, this is just as impressive.

Creative furniture

Librespiral is a bookcase made of rolled sheet metal layers

Awesome shelves. I want these.

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17 Cool and Unconventional Shelving Ideas -

Creative Shelving Ideas With Alluring Designs And Colors: Minimalist Shelving Idea With Many Book Cube And Places On Brown Wooden Material ~.