BBC Idents - Hippos

Jake Mengers - CG Supervisor Charlie Mawer - Co-Director/Creative Red Bee Media - Agency

MTV Hits - Idents

The solid colours and contrasts of the animated shapes reflects the programming, the colours and design is used to target the set demographic.

BBC Three - Idents 2013

BBC THREE IDENTS similar op/geometric style for event - rather than use projection mapping - project within fake projection

Love this surreal weird world - - All…

All modelling, lighting, texturing and animation in Max, compositing in Fusion, audio and edit in Premiere.

Bumper made usin Max for MTV

MTV - Identity Reboot

Opportunities: Creation of tone, Creation of corporate identity, encouragement of brand loyalty, appeal to target audience// Limitations: Colour (has to be colourful) // Creative communication: Pushing the technology

I LOVE this ident for E4! (I especially like the way the kid on the right looks…

I LOVE this ident for (I especially like the way the kid on the right looks…

Cartoon Network, Identity

E4 Sting - Sweet Shop - YouTube Here is another E4 ident which was a winner of…

*Selected as runner up for the stings competition See more of Gobblynne's illustration and animation work, or just pop by and say hello at: Gobblynn.

'The E4 Police' - E4 Stings Entry 2015 - YouTube

This Sting competition entry involves two robbers who think they are above the law and get caught by the skill and organisation of the police! All soun.