Christmas Decorations

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three wooden angel figurines standing next to each other
Tradition & Form
two wooden candlesticks sitting on top of a table
Woodturning, turned candleholders with decorations
two wooden bells hanging on a metal wall with ribbon around them and one bell has a bow at the top
a small wooden tree on top of a piece of wood
Wood is Camellia. Spalting has taken place give the wood a surreal appearance. Piece is 18" tall, tree diameter is 3", base diameter ~6" by 6" high.
two wooden birds sitting on top of a white window sill next to green leaves
Fuglepar i guldregn. #trædrejning #træfigur #træfugl... • petersdrejerier
Fuglepar i guldregn. #trædrejning #træfigur #træfugl #træfugle
a wooden wind chime hanging from a rope next to another wood wind chime
Diamond Ornament
Globe Ornament pair [Nice follow-up to the 6- sided ornament; explains the notch in the middle]
a piece of wood with a green leaf on it
Projects and Plans
Turning Project: You don’t have to tell your guests this delicate ornament was easier to make than Christmas dinner.
a group of wooden snowmen standing next to each other
Wooden snowmen
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a wooden christmas tree sitting on top of a table
Woodturning Projects: Christmas Trees | Turning for Profit | Woodturning | Lathe |
Finished Spalted Christmas Tree
a wooden ornament with a snowman inside
wood carving christmas ornaments - Google Search
several wooden pegs with faces painted on them sitting next to each other in front of a brown leather surface
wood turn bic pen
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three wooden owls are sitting on driftwood
Clothespins & Hangers Upcycled & Repurposed