Wood Turning

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a close up of a wooden object on a table with text overlay that reads tummying from the garden seed pot form
Seed Starting Pot Maker | Turning for Profit | Woodturning | Lathe |
Seed Starting pot form you can turn. Then using a strip of newspaper you make a newspaper pot. Add some soil and your seed and you're off and gardening!
three wooden pegs with faces on them sitting next to each other in front of a white background
Beautiful wooden whistles [These will make good hand-outs; love kids (and perhaps taunting their parents)]
a wooden plate with an unusual design on it
two pieces of wood are hanging from chains on hooks, one is shaped like a fish and the other is made out of wood
Learn All You Need To Know About Wood Whittling - Bored Art
wood whittling 5
the words 37 training resources for pen turners
37 Training Resources for Pen Turners
An excellent reference article for pen turners. 37 Training Resources for Pen Turners. A listing of books, forums, websites, videos, etc. Enjoy!
a wooden bowl sitting on top of a white table
Kew neighbourhood Melbourne
Treasure Seeka Blog
an image of different bowls and spoons on the same table top, each with their own unique shape
bowls_plan More