Stone Age Art

Rock art cheat sheet: Week Stone Age Art: Amazing page comparing Petroglyph and Pictographs styles found on different continents

Cave Art Comes Alive! | Art Lessons For Kids Cool ideas for an entire unit.

Pravěk Cave Painting Art Study, paint and chalk pastel on brown paper. Pictograph Lesson and additional petroglyph project with rocks. Check out how the teacher creates a cave out of the school hallway to display the projects.

Een Prehistorische Pot 1 | lesidee | groep 5-6 | Laat maar Zien

Een Prehistorische Pot 1 | lesidee | groep 5-6 | Laat maar Zien

Mini Stonehenge

How to Make a Miniature Stonehenge Garden this would be great for a small zen garden or expand the idea to make it bigger for an earth day project or for Beltane

PreHistoric Stone Age Necklace Design

My second grade students get to hear the story, The Cave Painter of Lascaux, and see photos of PreHistoric tote.

Prehistoric Cave Painting Images

Prehistoric Cave Painting Images - also a link to a really cool French site with a virtual tour of a cave - link on the list

Prehistoric Cave Painting Project

Red animals of Grotte Chauvet: naturalism and two-dimensionality in the art of Gravettian and Early Solutrean: Grotte Chauvet: Chauvet et al.