Colour splash

water color usage - i think this is also pinned as a tattoo on here somewhere?

Arabic Caligraphy

Arabic calligraphy From Calligraphie Arabe Vivante by Hassan Massoudy edition) Buzzes my eyes out


In her work, Canadian photographer Lissy Elle captures dreamy fine art photographs featuring fantastical and surreal elements, from people getting lost in their favorite children’s books to gracefully floating in mid-air.


ZEITGUISED // Sample Sample- nanoscopic materials inspired by images of fabric materials


Photo idea: If you’re stuck in a photographic rut, pick one piece of architecture, and go with it. Architecture & Color by Matthias Heiderich

Hidden city

I thought these minimalistic illustrations were creative and clever. ‘The Art of Negative Space’ are illustrations by Malaysian graphic designer Tang Yau Hoong. He uses the negative space to tell stories or communicate certain ideas.


Swedish illustrator, animator, and graphic designer Kilian Eng creates surreal, sci-fi fantasies that combine psychedelic and technological anomalies.


Neat collage takes photos, cuts it and mixes it up to create wonderful art.