polyclay figures

As Master Yoda says "Always pass on what you have learned" and what I have learned is Jenn & Tony Bot know how to make one cute little Yoda! The Polymer clay sculpted figure showcase's The Bots.

Miniature figurine OOAK doll Polymer clay by JooJooTreasures

Kioko (happy child) is the doll in my kokeshi series. She and her tiny bird are handmade by me with lots of love and attention to de.

Polymer clay figurine Polymer clay miniature by JooJooTreasures

Makoto (Sincerity) is the third doll of my kokeshi series. He is a little fisherman that loves the sea and fresh sashimi. Makoto is a.

pet tortoise

Still excited to show her friend off Adorable Pets Growing Up With Their Humans The kids got taller, the animals got grayer, but everyone stayed cute.