DIY papier-mache easter eggs

How to make papier-mache Easter eggs. Cute craft project for kids to play with.

DIY Party: Confetti Egg Game

DIY Party: Confetti Egg Game You fill most of the eggs with confetti But – one of the eggs in the batch is filled with gold glitter, and whoever ends up with the head full of glitter gets an awesome prize.


Pansies with polka dot and speckled eggs make a great Easter centerpiece! I Like the polka dot eggs.

Poetry egg.

modern Easter eggs decoration ideas black and white egg with personal message

easter decoration

Easter: decorate a blooming tree/blackberry limb like a Christmas tree as an Easter decoration? Pretty, but not practical

To make these pretty Easter eggs, punch shapes from double-sided adhesive, attach to eggs and roll them in glitter.

Pretty No-Dye Easter Eggs

No-Dye Floral Glitter Easter Eggs - Punch shapes from double-sided adhesive; attach to eggs. Pour different colors of glitter into separate bowls. Firmly roll egg in glitter and remove excess with a paintbrush. Repeat until you have the desired look.

Message in an egg to crack open!

Did you get my message? Cutest message-in-an-egg idea! (well, I guess it is the only message-in-an-egg idea I have seen.but it is the cutest anyway!

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