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Dan Howell and the piano #01 ~ danisnotonfire - watercolour painting

Dan Howell and the piano ~ danisnotonfire - watercolour painting…

Hello, I'm phan trash.

d-slice & angel bean “ god i haven’t drawn in ages ”

"Goodbye, Golf Cart." Dan says, a warm tear dripping down his left cheek. He looks down at the cart, it didn't look back. Dan knows the Golf Cart can't stand goodbyes. The cart's engine starts up. It's Dan's time to leave. He needs to get back to Phil before he realizes Dan is missing. The cart starts rolling forward, when it stops and says... Nothing, because it's a Golf Cart. It drives off into the distance, leaving Dan standing there, with wet cheeks and a broken heart... The End

Farewell, golf cart *my heart will go on playing in the distance*

I freaked out so so so much when this happened I was like "OMG Phil just referenced P!ATD"

Phil: I chimed in saying haven't you people ever heard of Me: Closing the god damn door!

I call my friend a SPORK regularly... As you can tell by the fact that my phone autocorrects SPORK into all caps.

Aw phan and their domestic arguments Wait did Dan call Phil a spork