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A gorgeous Smokey Spice Rub, perfect for infusing flavor with pork or chicken.

Smokey spice rub - I love to use marinades, sauces and spice rubs to infuse amazing flavor. One of my BBQ’s sidekicks happens to be this Smokey Spice Rub that taste great used with pork or chicken (and pizza!

Parmaham, rucola, pijnboompitten en Philadelphia/monchou

Ham-creamcheese bites with rucola and pine nuts. Simple and very tasty. I used a thin sliced Couburger-ham which is a salty ham, a little ground pepper on the natural creamcheese and I made sandwiches to take on a boat trip in stead off rolls.

Grapes dipped in white chocolate rolled in nuts then chilled and serve.

Grape Poppers - Great Party Appetizer (could do with cherries….strawberries heck any type of fruit you can make into a ball:) Ingredients 48 fresh grapes Vanilla Greek yogurt (or non-dairy yogurt) 1 cup chopped pecans (may substitute with any nuts).