art of overwhelm

SUR/FACE fan of these awhile back, nice to see a collection photo: rope masks by BertJan Pot

ceramic sculpture

Ceramic sculptures by Kathy Ruttenberg

These ceramic sculptures by American artist Kathy Ruttenberg explores nature and the built environment in fired clay like an elaborate children's book, an

American visual artist Kathy Ruttenberg and her unique sylvan creatures. Basically a painter who switched to ceramic,

mikapoka: tree women & other wonders-the fine ceramic sculptures by American visual artist Kathy Ruttenberg and her unique sylvan creatures.The Source (left) Lemur Lady (right) 2011

Textile artist Annie Hutchinson is born in Wales and she graduated from Cheltenham Art College in She experimented in d

"Overgrown" by Kathy Ruttenberg

In ‘Earth,’ the Work of Ceramic Artists Is Displayed

Kathy Ruttenberg IN THE FEMALE UNCONSCIOUS by Donald Kuspit. Kathy Ruttenberg’s ceramic sculptures seem to have sprung directly from the artist’s sensual, down-to-earth unconscious.

noodle hair protecter

What I love friday #8

Protects your hair when you eat. because getting food in your hair would just look ridiculous.Yes, when I eat I always flail around and get food in my hair, this is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen!

Papier mache masks

DIY arts and crafts paper mâché kids fun play animal heads costume theatre children

'May Contain Nuts' by Annie Hutchinson

Made by Annie Hutchinson from the Little Wren House Factory