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Mixology 101 - Glassware at The Boys Club

From The Boys Club Mixology 101 series, this Glassware Produce explains all the different types of glassware including typical sizes, their name and what drinks they are used for.

Orange Basil Mojito from Kristen Doyle at Dine and Dish, a feature at The Boys Club

Orange-Basil Mojitos Recipe 1 cup freshly squeezed orange juice cup thick simple syrup (see instructions) 10 large fresh basil leaves, stems removed and discarded 1 cup white rum 1 cup club soda

The History of the Ramos Gin Fizz from Brian Samuels for The Boys Club

Ramos Gin Fizz: gin + orange flower water + lemon juice + lime juice + simple syrup + half and half + egg white + soda water

3 American Gins You Have To Try from Greg Mays for The Boys Club

4 American Gins to Try: - Old Tom by Ransom Spirits - Bluecoat by Philadelphia Distilling - Big Gin by Captive Spirits - Crater Lake by Bendistillery

Nutrition in Produce Infographic from Chasing Delicious ( Designed by Russell van Kraayenburg

This Color-Coded Chart Helps You Pick the Most Nutritious Produce by chasingdelicious via lifehacker: Eat the rainbow! Different fruits and veggies get their colors from the various phytochemicals found in them, and those phytochemicals offer different nu

Bourbon and Mixed Berry Pavlovas from Jonathan Melendez for The Boys Club

Mixed Berry Pavlovas Mixed berries in meringues with strawberry sauce and whip cream (leave out the bourbon--or replace it with vanilla-- and it's still a beautiful and delicious dessert).

Smokin' Hot cocktail from Ken Leung for The Boys Club

Smokin Hot cocktail from Ken Leung for The Boys Club - Tequila 4 slices of fresh ginger 1 teaspoon agave nectar 4 oz Mezcal 4 oz Canton, ginger liquor 2 oz grapefruit juice, freshly squeezed 2 teaspoons lime juice

Blackberry + Sage Refresher from Jenny and Teri for The Boys Club via Spoon Fork Bacon and Tiny Food Party

Blackberry and Sage Refresher Ingredients 8 oz water 1 cup sugar 6 sage leaves 1 pt blackberries, muddled & strained Juice of a lemon 8 ozSt. Germain Liqueur (Elderflower Liqueur) 16 oz Cachaca (or a high quality vodka) Diet tonic water

Maple Rye Sour from There Will Be Bourbon - Feature at The Boys Club

It can sometimes be difficult to make a good rye cocktail because rye whiskey is so spicy and can throw off the balance of a drink. This complex drink successfully combines sweet, spicy, herbal, and.

The History of the Bloody Mary from Brian Samuels for The Boys Club

BLOODY MARY Yield: 1 drink Glassware: Highball glass Ingredients Black pepper tsp ml) prepared horseradish Worcestershire sauce 3 oz ml) tomato juice oz ml) vodka oz ml) lemon juice Celery stalk Lemon wedge Pitted green olives