Artisan Bee - Honey / Skincare Packaging Design

Artisan Bee

Wishbone Brew coffee packaging.  Find similar F-Style Metal Cans at

I love the pastel color choices for these otherwise plain containers. Since you usually see coffee beans in bags or tins, these make for a unique packaging that looks like it would also benefit easy pouring!

La Cale Wine Bottle Label Design with Frosted Glass Bottles #packaging

I am a total sucker for a great bottle label. I make purchase decisions based on labels all the time. This is La Cale Wine designed by Melanie Laviolette, I am especially suckered into this design for (Jam Bottle Design)

Concepts We Wish Were Real

Concepts We Wish Were Real

Prescription Beer Branding Design: A premium pilsner ranging from high to low alcohol potency depending on the day of the week.

DANI Naturals.  So many of these #containers you can find at  Pin now, shop later!

DANI Naturals

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