beautiful portrait of a dancer....Nude: Photo Series by Shinichi Maruyama #photography #Motion #art

Module 1 - Shutter Speed Find it quite weird and hard to look at for too long, but it's something i would like to try out myself - Nude: Photo Series by Shinichi Maruyama

Blurring can be used to create the illusion of motion. Here the motion that the dancer took is clear due to the blurring from one poison to the next.

This image was shot using a slow shutter speed in order see the subject’s movement iconic in the movement color scheme. This image shows a dancer wearing red in a blurry movement.

Nir Arieli has an eye for motion, capturing breathtaking snapshots of male dancers as they perform arabesques allongé across ethereal spaces. His series, entitled "Tension," combines the intimacy of portraiture with the artful layering of digital photography, producing dizzying images that pay homage to the beauty of the male form.

Captivating Photos Of Male Dancers In Motion

Nir Arieli is a photographer living in New York. His photographs capture the dynamism of dancers. In the Series Called ‘Tension’, his photographs are made by layering several shots of dancers on top of another, giving the viewer a break down of movement.


Pixelstick Light Painting “The Pixelstick is a fancy new gadget for creating long-exposure light paintings, designed by Duncan Frazier and Steve McGuigan of Brookyln-based BitBanger Labs,. The device.

Drawing with light - slow shutter speed

Remarkable Photos Show Picasso “Painting” With Light

Multiple Exposure of Artist Pablo Picasso Using Flashlight to Make Light Drawing of a Figure - photo by Gjon Mili, 1949 = I want to do this with my kids!

This photographer layered images atop one another to create these expressions of dance, moments of movement.

Photos Capture the Uncontrollable Motion of Dancing

Tension by Nir Arieli, a photographer based in New York, New York, captures the surreal motion photos of dancers. In this latest project Tension, he funct

OMA Yokohama program diagram

OMA Yokohama program diagram

fusako.ishikawa-20100613 final drawing.jpg (1000×1063)

fusako.ishikawa-20100613 final drawing.jpg (1000×1063)

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