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How to get effortless curls with a simple routine
Do you know what your hair really looks like? . Defined bouncy curls are achieved by the process you follow as much as the products you use. . 👀 look at these amazing BEFORE ➡️DURING ➡️AFTER pictures now up on my website in “The Curl Gallery” . Simple effective #washday routines done in 1 hour max! 🥳 . I promise you... it’s achievable 🥰 . . Are you ready for your💫 “Curl Makeover” 💫 ❤️Fola . . ....#curlyhair #washdayroutine #curlymethods #thecurlcoach #4chair #4c #dryhair #breakinghair #hair
Which Products Moisturise Curly Hair
Tips on how to decide on products to moisturise dry curly hair
How to moisturise dry hair
A simple explanation of hydration, moisture moisturising for Afro, kinky, coils curly and wavy hair