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a curved building with wooden slats on the side
penda crafts curved timber garden house for wood artist in beijing
the house is surrounded by trees and grass
A Hidden, Architectural Dream Home in Elsternwick
environments Bauhaus, Modern House Design, Modern Farmhouse, Modern Barn, House Architecture Design, Modern Barn House, Roof Design
Desert architecture: modern buildings in arid environments
the house is surrounded by trees and bushes, with two large windows on each side
Berman Horn Studio on Instagram: “We love this photo of our #littlepeek project. Captured at sunset with the low light turning the cedar shingles a shimmery gray pink, and…”
two large white balls sitting in front of a wooden building with glass doors and windows
Villa in Aarhus | Loop Architects
The project proposes a cradle to cradle transformation of an existing house in Denmark. The main idea for rethinking the villa from 1978 involves both an external design makeover, while performing an energy renovation. The project has positive...
a wooden building sitting on top of a lush green field next to tall grass and trees
House45 | DMOO | Archello
two different views of a house in the woods, one is black and the other is white
19 Examples Of Modern Scandinavian House Designs
19 Examples Of Modern Scandinavian House Designs | The black siding seamlessly connects with the black roof to create a striking look against the green forest surrounding it.
a wooden house sitting on top of a lush green field
Einfamilienhaus Wieland, ebner:grömer - Seekirchen (A)
// - Einfamilienhaus Wieland - //
a house that has been designed to look like a barn
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a living room with black furniture and a fire place
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a house that is lit up at night with lights on the front and side windows
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Une maison d'architecte pas ordinaire en Belgique - PLANETE DECO a homes world
a black and white house with large windows on the side of it's roof
Architecturally Designed Homes
Our Work | O'Neil Architecture
two black metal buildings sitting next to each other
Gallery of La Negrita / Morini Arquitectos - 15
La Negrita,© Gonzalo Viramonte
a wooden building with a large planter on the outside and door leading to it
Gallery of 8 Blacks / NRJA - 23
Image 23 of 43 from gallery of 8 Blacks / NRJA. Photograph by Gatis Rozenfelds
an advertisement for wooden doors with the words wood doors are particular useful in environment where privacy is required
Garden gym finished with Shou Sugi Ban® cladding | Exterior Solutions
Hidden away at the bottom of the garden, step down into a contemporary form covered in charred timber and inside a beautiful gymnasium – a total contrast. Garden Studio by EASTWEST ARCHITECTURE #ShouSugiBan #Charred #detail #door #exterior #GardenStudio #EASTWEST #architecture