Stunning terrace at Belgravia House in London by Todhunter Earle

Belgravia House in London by Todhunter Earle. Even though this is a rooftop garden, the design show would be excellent for any long, narrow yard. Great way to break up the space by making different "zones"!

Rustic modern outdoor space most divine area with two levels. Love the bamboo type cane chairs and rustic wooden steps pallet coffee tables and rustic lanterns

Modern outdoor space with rustic coffee tables and sleepers retaining a steep bank, at the home of interior and garden designer, Albert Aubach.

Great idea for the garden: rinse veggies, wash hands, then recycle the water, too.

Outdoor Sink Makes Water Recycling Simple – This sink is ridiculously easy to make from “found” or repurposed parts. The sink is hooked up to an outdoor hose (no plumbing) and water from it goes into a simple 5 gallon bucket to collect grey water that can

How to build a Gabion wall

How to build a Gabion wall .Gabion is a wirework container filled w/rock, broken concrete or other material

wall + tree

Galería de Casa La Punta / Elías Rizo Arquitectos - 22

Stunning landscaped patio area. Landform Consultants - Holland Park

Landform Consultants - Holland Park I could never have a garden like this but it is one to look at and admire

Concrete board water feature | Mark Tessier Landscape Architecture - Shiflett Residence

Mark Tessier Landscape Architecture - Shiflett Residence Pinned to Garden Design - Water Features by BASK Design.

Smalle Kleine moderne tuin met vijvers en groen. Strak en alles met rechte…

23 Small Backyard Ideas How to Make Them Look Spacious and Cozy

such a clever use of a small garden, elegant and modern. I'm inspired by this simple, clean symmetrical garden. I would love this design for our least the area nearest the house!