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a pizza with the word boo spelled out on it next to candles and wine bottles
a pink purse is hanging on the wall next to some flowers and other cosmetics items
a woman in a red dress standing in a lavender field
Relax Like You're In A Field Of Lavender With This Awesome Organic Lavender Soap!
Tops, Outfits, Winter, Soft Girl Aesthetic, Soft Girl, Aesthetic Clothes, Aesthetic Girl, Green Girl, Cool Girl
From Instagram: Caught up in Cottagecore & Countryside Life
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gabytaangeles: @jarbastins (AnaRosa)
a row boat with flowers on it in the middle of a body of water at sunset
✧˖°.⁺‧˚ ♡ ˚‧⁺.°˖✧
a bathtub with candles and books on the edge, surrounded by rose petal petals
there is a tray with donuts and candles on it next to a cup of coffee
a white cake sitting on top of a table next to two wine glasses and a vase filled with flowers
a woman is sitting in the bathtub drinking wine
Future Trophy Wife
a tray with food and candles on it in front of a window overlooking the ocean
cosy sunday aesthetic
a person sitting on a couch holding a wine glass in front of a flat screen tv
Cartier Rug
a woman laying on top of a bed next to a bouquet of flowers and a book